CRIMINAL ENGRAVEMENT – A Young Tattoo Artist Challenges the System (Working Title)

WORK IN PROGRESS / Feature Length / Documentary

Director: Hyoe Yamamoto    Producer: Deborah Barillas

Why tattoo artists are getting arrested in Japan? Despite its rich history and tradition that dates back centuries, tattoo is one of the most divisive and controversial issues in Japan. A young tattoo artist stands up for his rights and dares to open Japan’s “Pandora’s box” that exposes a society that is fast becoming an undemocratic totalitarian state. Currently in production.

25 min. version is now streaming on Aljazeera as Japan’s Tattoo Outlaws.

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EARN A LIVING (Episode: Work Is Life)







2018 / Interactive Short Documentary Series

Series Created by Margaux Missika, Yuval Orr                                                                                Episode “Work Is Life” directed by Yuval Orr and Hyoe Yamamoto     Line Producer   Deborah Barillas

What would you do if a universal basic income were introduced so that every month, an amount of money appeared in your bank account? Would you stop working? Would you change your life? In a series of questions, seven short documentaries explore our relationship with work and money.

World Premiere at IDFA 2018


2015 / 79 min. / Documentary

Director: Hyoe Yamamoto
Producer: Luc Martin Gouseet   Associate Producer: Deborah Barillas
AKA: 1.7 Billion Dollar Fraud: Full Exposure / Pour le bien de l’entreprise

In October 2011, Olympus Corporation, a multi-billion dollar Japanese optical company, suddenly dismissed its president and CEO, British-born Michael Woodford over cultural differences in management style. Japanese media dutifully reported it with minimum coverage, another foreign CEO failing to adapt to the Japanese way. But international media reported a brewing scandal where Japanese board members of the company unanimously voted to dismiss Michael Woodford for blowing a whistle on the 1.7 billion dollar fraud. A Production of VESUVIUS and POINT DU JOUR in co-Production with BBC and ZDF in collaboration with ARTE, SVT, and DR. Teaser is here.

Film Festival Participation:
Festival Internationale de Programmes Audiovisuels 2015
Asian Film Festival of Dallas 2016 – Special Jury Award
Koenji Za Documentary Festival 2016
Documentary Edge Festival 2016
Escales Documentaires de La Rochelle 2016

In theaters now in Japan: Please see the website for booking dates.

Review: Hyoe Yamamoto dives into Japan’s culture of corporate corruption in ‘Samurai and Idiots: The Olympus Affair’  Japan Times, May 16, 2018


2015 / 30 min. / Drama

Director: Keihiro Kanyama
Producer: Hyoe Yamamoto, Deborah Barillas
Cast: Chiharu Konno, Masaki Sata, Angie, Chieko Hieda, Masahiro Hieda

Featuring non-professional actors from the local community, the film is a gentle and poignant portrait of a humble community that is deeply rooted in its local history and tradition. Tomoe, a career woman working in Tokyo, visits her hometown where the preparation for a winter festival “Hadaka’n Gyo” is underway. Her traditional parents welcome Tomoe, but complain that she should come home more often. The reason why she returned is to inform her parents about her divorce, but she can’t bring herself to tell the truth.

Okinawa International Film Festival
Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival
Osaka Asian Film Festival
Busan International Short Film Festival


2015 / 20 min. / Drama

Director: Yosep Anngi Noen
Producer: Hyoe Yamamoto, Deborah Barillas
Cast: Erika, Masahiro Arakaki, Tamotsu Oshiro and Tsubu Mustard Ashimine

Produced by OCVB Okinawa Film Office, RUMAH is a short film shot in Okinawa and directed by Yosep Anggi Noen, one of the most promising directors from Indonesia. The film tells a story of a lonely telephone operator who suddenly gets fired and decides to visit her estranged father. Trailer is here.  Making of is here.

Film Festival Participation:
Okinawa International Film Festival
Tehran International Short Film Festival
Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival


2011 / 20 min. / Social Drama / Director, Writer: Keihiro Kanyama / Producer: Hyoe Yamamoto  Associate Producer: Deborah Barillas / Cast: Kanji Tsuda, Hiroyuki Onoue, Kyoko Matsunaga

One night, three paramedics respond to a call and find a young pregnant girl and a man who appears to be the father in front of a hospital. The girl was denied admittance since she had never been seen by an obstetrician. While the paramedics seek admittance to hospitals, tension and stress mount as Captain Mizoguchi tries to keep the situation under control. Watch Trailer here! The full short available with English subtitles on itunes.

Film Festival: SKIP City International D-Cinema Festival, Sapporo International Short Film Festival, Osaka Asian Film Festival