Vesuvius [vɪˈsuːvɪəs] noun

1. A volcano, 1,281 m (4,200 ft) high, of southern Italy on the eastern shore of the Bay of Naples. A violent eruption in a.d. 79 destroyed the nearby cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Since that time it has erupted about three dozen times, most recently in the period from 1913 to 1944.

2. Fire of fire



Take Back the Rights of Filmmakers!
A New Approach to Japanese Independent Filmmaking

What's most important in filmmaking and fatally deficient in Japanese films today is a singular vision that anchors and commands the film, a vision that belongs to a director, or a well-crafted script, or strong performances that infuses authentic emotional credibility. All the filmmakers, including directors, producers, writers, cinematographers, and actors are responsible to contribute to that vision. It is our goal to achieve a kind of filmmaking that demands all the creators to share their vision and that is why we have launched a new production company Vesuvius.



Providing A Platform For Collaboration of
the Next Generation of Filmmakers

Our goal is also to provide a platform for collaboration between filmmakers and other talented individuals in another field. Cinema is the ultimate collaborative art form which allows blending different fields of creativity, commercial appeal, and audience. Our focus is to produce films that reach the worldwide audience beyond the local market while we keep the independent vision of each works in tact with the way filmmakers view the world.




➢ Developing and Producing Film Projects

We work with various directors and writers to develop and produce innovative film projects with creative integrity. We also take on projects on work-for-hire basis as a director, producer, or writer.


Produced by Vesuvius

PARAMEDIC (2011) Director: Keihiro Kanyama



➢ Production Consultant

We provide consultation services in various stages including scripting, budgeting, casting, location-scouting and shooting as well as international film festival strategy for Japanese films.


Production Support

PURE HEART, ENLIGHTENED MIND (In Preproduction) Director: Noah Bushel Producer: Susan Stover


Festival Strategy Support

DON'T STOP (2011) Director: Kenji Kohashi



➢ Self-Distribution Support

We provide service deal and various support in booking (Tokyo and other cities), advertising, and promoting self-distributed foreign and domestic independent films.


Self Distributed Title

Seesaw (2010) Director: Keihiro Kanyama - Opens Theatrically in Spring 2012 in Japan



➢ Translation Services (English, Japanese, Spanish and French)

We provide in-person interpretation service at screenings, shoots, film festivals, press conferences and other film industry related events as well as text translation for scripts, festival catalogues, transcriptions, and subtitles.


Catalogue Translation

SKIP City International D-Cinema Festival
Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival

Unijapan ACE Producers Lab


Press Interview Translation

NO IMPACT MAN (2009) and THE COVE (2009) distributed by Unplugged
LOURDES (2009) distributed by Espace Sarou
LIVING SILENT SPRING (2011) distributed by Siglo
THE WRESTLER (2008) and THE COMPANY MEN (2009) distributed by Nikkatsu
LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA (2006) distributed by Warner Bros.


Script Translation

THE BROTHERS BLOOM (2008), RESTLESS (2011), SHANGHAI (2010) for Anore Inc.
BLOOD OF WOLF (in development) for Dongyu Club Inc.


In Person Translation

SHANGHAI (2010): On set translation for Rinko Kikuchi
Unijapan: ACE Producers Lab, Berlin Film Festival (EFM) J-Pitch Staff and etc.
SKIP City International D-Cinema Festival: Guest Q&A Sessions
Tokyo International Film Festival / TIFFCOM Staff



Facets: 4 Films by Kazuo Hara THE EMPEROR’S NAKED ARMY MARCHES ON (1987), PRIVATE EROS (1974), A DEDICATED LIFE (1994), GOODBYE CP (1972)
Nikkatsu: EASTERN PROMISE (2007)  Behind the Scene Interview footage